About us
Professional Profile
People and Place Consulting provides services across the spectrum of organisational development, learning and development and strategic planning, with strengths in:

- facilitating consultation and engagement activities
  • stakeholder consultation and engagement
  • team work
  • planning
  • evaluation and improvement
  • change
- facilitating knowledge and skills workshops
  • developing goals and measures
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • difficult conversations
  • managing performance / underperformance
  • delegation
  • manager as coach
  • assertiveness
Consultation and Change Processes
- engaging stakeholders and facilitating change processes
  • stakeholder identification and relationship management
  • consultation workshops - teams, stakeholders
  • end-to-end change management
  • effective tools
  • organisational structure design
  • communications planning
  • industrial challenges
Team Development
- facilitating team development to strengthen team cohesion and performance
  • purpose, vision, mission
  • role clarity - roles and responsibilities
  • team values and behaviours
  • working together - expectations, collaboration, building mutual respect
  • working with stakeholders, client service
  • team diagnostics
  • MBTI, Think One Team
Management Development and Coaching
- development activities and individual coaching for people managers
  • people management practices and processes
  • managing performance / underperformance
  • manager as coach
  • developing team members
  • management development strategy for organisations
  • management development programmes
Organisational Development Initiatives
- diagnostics and interventions to assess and improve organisational culture
  • values and behaviours
  • reward and recognittion
  • employee surveys
  • multi-rater (360) feedback tool implementation and debriefing
  • team diagnostics
  • performance indicators and success measures
  • continuous improvement and innovation
  • evaluation and reflective practice
Performance Management
- implementing systems and practices to drive a culture of performance
  • system design, development and implementation
  • performance management processes
  • developing objectives, key performance indicators, targets and measures
  • managing performance and performance reviews
  • managing underperformance
  • VPS Career Structure
Organisational Learning and Development
- strategy and development activities to build individual and organisational capability
  • learning and development strategy and policy
  • training needs analysis
  • programme design, development and delivery
  • competency frameworks
  • training calendars
  • workshop delivery
  • on-the-job learning
  • eLearning
  • evaluation
  • measurement and return on investment
  • reflective practice
Strategic and Business Planning
- facilitating strategic and business planning processes
  • strategy development
  • purpose, vision, mission
  • objectives, activities, key performance indicators, measures and targets, responsibilities
  • SWOT / SWOC analysis
  • service improvement opportunities
  • planning workshops with teams




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